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I first came to know Gary as he was assigned to me as a speaker coach for a speaking engagement at TEDx. Gary is personable, warm and friendly. Most importantly, he has the quality of a coach-mentor, seeking to elicit the very best from others. Going the extra mile is second nature to him, as he seeks to do his utmost. He goes beyond his call of duty to nurture the best in others. His humility and genuineness connects him instantly to people from all walks of life. Gary is a true coach and mentor in every way.

Dr. Tam Wai Jia
(Medical Doctor)

"My sales team IMMEDIATELY performed so much better upon completing Gary's HPS training.

They are now able to effectively navigate and execute their sales process, & engage with customers with greater clarity, confidence and focus on what makes our customers tick.

All these, only after ONE day's work! Amazing! Wonderful work, Gary!"

Arun Rajput Kumar
Sales Manager 2
ServiceSource International (APJ)

I had the pleasure to work with Gary and his team in different assignments over the past years, supporting me to build winning sales team with OpenText and most recently with HPE and every time the outcome exceeded my original expectations.

Shortly, after this session, I could see the first benefits of my partnership with Gary: Sales morale and productivity has increased, my sales team came with new platforms for them to share ideas and best practices, and lastly despite the multicultural background of my sales team, I can clearly see that now we all have the same understanding of success!

M. Mbaye
Head of Inside Sales (APJ)
HP Enterprise

Practicality Matters

We live in a fast-changing world, facilitated by the rapid developments in information technology, super-easy access to ideas & cross-cultural Interactions.

The ability to identify & implement tried & tested tools and ideas, and balance them against new ones to achieve breakthrough results are just some of the things we believe strongly in.

At Catalyst, we don't just believe in learning and delivering new ideas; we believe in fusing new solutions with proven solutions, to deliver practical tools and insights to achieve greater results.

Sources of Strength


Our trainers have clocked thousands of hours learning, refining and empowering individuals in their areas of expertise. 

Your team will be challenged with new insights and techniques to grow and achieve greater business breakthrough


We believe in learning through doing, and adapting to relate and challenge those in our classes.

We believe in making the sessions a safe place for learning, exploring and adapting new ideas to ensure a meaningful learning experience


Our trainers are have accumulated decades of experience working with business leaders and supported corporate organizations from across industries.

Your team will accelerate their growth by benefitting from the insights gained from years of corporate experience