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Our Mission


We are a learning & development organisation dedicated to empowering individuals in work and life to achieve greater results.

We believe that life has more to offer and education is the key to changing lives, unlocking opportunities and empowering possibilities. 

Our core expertise lie in 5 areas, namely Communication, Entrepreneurship, Influence, Corporate Enhancement Personal Development.



Our trainers draw not just on their credentials, but also their vast and ever-growing experience in training and in life to provide you with the answers you seek, and the tools you need.

We aim to deliver not just the skills to set you on your way, but more importantly provide you with the nous of confidence, charisma, intermingled with a spark of spontaneity.

Ultimately, it's our goal to not only introduce and inform you to tools, skills and knowledge you need; it is our goal to empower you to sustain it.




Here at Catalyst Empowerment, we understand that at the heart of any organisation are people – individuals like yourselves.

We understand that every individual and organization is different, which is why we strive to tailor every solution to meet your learning and development needs.

We understand that, to solve complex issues requires us to get to the root of the challenges, which is why we take time to sit down with you and analyze the challenges you and your organization is going through. 

We understand that, to sustain long-term behavioral change requires a strategy and a system of support, which is why we factor in post-training support in the many solutions we have.

We know you are in it for the long term, and so are we.

Which is why we do not see ourselves merely as a solutions provider.

We are your partners.



Deliver Results 

Win As A Team 

Do the Right Things

Our Methodology


We take time to assess your system, products and processes,  appreciate and leverage on your strengths, and plug gaps to enhance your ROI


We adapt and tailor our curriculum and approach to ensure that they are relevant to address your needs


We empower and evaluate learning outcomes by engaging and immersing your team in different situations and contexts.

This helps highlight additional areas for growth, and facilitate business breakthroughs for your team


We are committed to your success by providing additional coaching support to help you and your team adapt and navigate the challenges that come with learning and development