Our Partners
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Speak Ventures Pte Ltd

SV is the sister company of Catalyst Empowerment Pte Ltd. Founded in 2009 by Gary Guwe and Nina Sabrina, the company specializes in empowering individuals in the Art of Effective and Influential Communications. 

Cohesion Singapore

Cohesion Singapore is a team building and entertainment agency which provides fun, meaningful and objective games for both public and corporate organisations. We pride ourselves in being a one-stop service provider for Laser Tag, Archery TagBubble Soccer.

On top of quality facilitation of Teambonding games, Cohesion Singapore also sources for and provides suitable venues, catering and bus transportation services.

Bubble Soccer Singapore

Bubble Soccer Singapore is the largest provider of Bubble Soccer Games, which caters to both the young and old. Our most popular bubble soccer games include Bubble Soccer, Bubble Invasion, Bubble Captain and Bubble Dodgeball. 

Our innovative Bubble Soccer games are designed to be extremely fun and exciting. We have games that caters to casual players as well as competitive players. 

Archery Tag

Archery Tag is played in a safe environment with bows with reduced poundage.  Participants use realistic but safe foam tipped arrows and bows to play a thrilling game of tag.

The game starts with players at opposing ends of the pitch with participants racing to reach for arrows placed in a designated area of the pitch. Participants are eliminated upon arrows hitting them. Points are scored when a team is eliminated, or when the spot targets are hit.