The Art of Influence Intensive
2-Day Workshop 

Amplify Your Message | Attract More Business | Achieve More Results

Full Payment 12 Mths Payment @ 0% $75 x 18mths @ 4.09%

Module 1: The Psychology of Influence

  • The Seven Fundamental Laws of Influence in Influencing Behavior
  • The Difference Between Influence and Persuasion in Getting What You Want
  • Qualities of the SuperInfluential & Personal Assessment of Current Influential Traits
  • Building Your Brand & Defining Your Domain(s) of Influence
  • Multiple Tools of Influence - Tools You Can Use to Enhance Your Influential Quotient

Module 2: SuperRead Your Audience & Prospects for Enhanced Trust & Rapport

  • Deep-dive and Understanding What People Want
  • SpeedReading Your Target Audience, their Motivations & What Makes Them Tick
  • How to Uncover & Appeal to Extrinsic Needs and Intrinsic Motivations

Module 3: Amplify! How to Speak with Greater Clarity and Creditability 

  • The Speech Success System for Speaking Coherently
  • How to Present Yourself with Clarity, Conviction & Congruence
  • Public Speaking with Confidence, Credibility and Charisma
  • Customising & Crafting Your Message to Attract More Prospects and Customers
  • SuperCharging Your Speech for SuperSales Success (by 300% or More!)

Module 4: The Secret Art of Impromptu Speaking & Accelerated Attraction

  • How to Think On Your Feet & Speak Spontaneously
  • The Art of Sincerity and Credibility with Impromptu Speaking
  • How to Handle Questions, Objections and Answer With Tact & Diplomacy
  • How to Impress further and Make Your Message(s) Stick

Module 5: Winning Referrals - Art of Winning Extra Business Over & Over Again

  • Conversations that Relate and Reward in Life & Business
  • Skillful Networking - The Art of Winning Conversations for Professional Success
  • Enhanced Credibility - Speak Like a Pro to Win Across Multiple Platforms

Had a GREAT time learning about profiling, how to deal with different kind of customers, & creating a clear direction for myself and customers!

Thanks for the insights and sharing of experiences to tackle various problems faced in all applicable fields!

Christopher Chee
Freelance Photographer
Art of Influence Intensive Graduate





Bonus 1:
5x 3hrs Strategic Public Speaking Training Workshop
Bonus 2:
1x 4 Hrs Vocal Power Training Workshop
Bonus 3:
1x 1 Hr Pre-Workshop Consultation
Bonus 4:
Quarterly Business Learning & Networking Event by CE / Partners
Bonus 5:
3 x 1.5hrs Post-Training Coaching & Consultation
Bonus 6:
AOI Workshop Re-Attendance for Yrs 3
Bonus 7:
Complimentary Attendance by 1x Business/Life - Partner