To Attract (Not Chase!) More Business

Master Influence &
Win More Customers

Welcome to the Influence Vault (INVAULT). 

You're about to access our treasure trove of insights and resources on The Art of Influence. These will include my over ten years of combined entrepreneurial, sales and corporate experience.

You will get practical tips, real insights which helped me to:
- Get headhunted by an American MNC at the age of 27, shortly after I graduated from NUS
- Get invited to return to NUS as lecturer to post-graduate students (also at the age of 27)
- Close a business deal worth close to six-figures in 15 minutes
- Help Top Fortune 500 Companies to Generate additional sales revenue, numbering in the millions
- Headhunted to teach at a Top European Business School based in Singapore

I have invested hundreds of hours curating & putting these ideas together, and I'll be sharing them with the members of the INVAULT.

My goal is to share these with people who are serious about taking action & putting practical ideas into practice to generate more results in their personal and professional life.

I'll be granting free access only to early-adopters for a limited time.